Student Organizations

The main aim of our Student Organization Office (SOO) is to promote the involvement of the students in various developmental activities. However, the other duties of the SOO are to register student organizations and facilitate relevant information related to course and curriculum. The SOO also takes pride in announcing that it actively collaborates with student groups so that the learning environment can be made more participative in nature. The other functions of SOO are to form active partnerships with universities and student groups. The SOO facilitates leadership environment along with organizational management to empower students. It provides ample amount of skill development opportunities in an effort to empower students. Another crucial mission of SOO is to support quality learning experiences so that the students can be empowered in a varied number of ways.

Our Student Government Association

To be precise, the SGA functions as per its constitution. The SGA works in close association with the administration of our university so that it can address the issues related to student welfare. In other words, the SGA serves as the interface between the student body and the faculty members. The SGA actively facilitates resources to make the educational experience of students a huge success. It reproduces and distributes the notes given by professors. It is associated with the sale of medical school supplies and snacks and publishes a campus newspaper which sheds light on the various issues of the students. Finally, it caters to the tutorial need of the students.

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) provides health care events for the community. It gives members the opportunity to avail hands-on experience. For instance, the AMSA actively facilitates Diabetes screenings free of cost. ASMS organizes clinical workshops which is open to all students which emphasizes on perfecting the clinical skills of students. You can visit our site for more relevant information.

Our society of Clinical Research

Students who are the active members of the Clinical Research Society depict the highest levels of academic performance. They have the opportunity to interact in an intellectual manner with experts. Students usually make use of the latest cutting-edge technology so that they can conduct anatomical research and their work is regularly submitted to famous medical journals.

The Medical Student Association for Students

The main mission of this student body is to facilitate the inclusion of women into the field of medicine at various levels. It is dedicated to the enhancement of personal growth along with maintaining gender balance in faculty appointments. It is involved in sponsoring the education events for the university to ensure that there is proper cohesion between medical students.

The Indian Students Association

The ISA promotes Indian culture and heritage among various branches of the university. The membership is free and open to all students. The ISA usually sponsors the major events and festivals organized by them.

The Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association (MSA) hosts special events such as welcome dinner during Eid. Meetings are conducted every month and they allow all students and their spouses.

The Christian Student Association

This student association is open to all students and is Bible based. The students can showcase their skills of playing medical instruments.

The Jewish Students Club (JSC)

The main mission of this student body is to disseminate the values of the Jewish culture. It is open to all students irrespective of their caste and religion. The JSC club will also arrange Sabbath dinners as often as possible.

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