Columbus Central University is one of the best medical schools in the Caribbean countries to study medicine with accredited Premed, Basic and Clinical Science Programs. CCUSM is chartered, licensed and registered by the Ministry of Education which comes under the Belize Government. Columbus Central University School of Medicine recognitions make students eligible for clinical rotations and licensure in the United States of America. Immediately after passing USMLE, students can start clinical clerkship in accredited hospitals all over the US and UK.

The Belize Government

Columbus Central University is regulated and approved by the Belize Government. Notably, Belize comprises of two levels of government- a state government and a one-tier local government. During the period of last five years, there has been an extensive formation of local councils. Moreover, the trend is towards self-sufficiency and decentralization. In 2000, the direct election of Mayors was introduced.

The local government of Belize comprises of two city councils and seven town councils. It has a network of around 200 villages along with community councils. The capital of Belize is Belmopan and has its city council.

The World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a specialized branch of the United Nations. Its main role is to act as a coordinating authority on international medical education. The World Health Organization has a separate department for human resources for health. It is abbreviated as the HRH. The HRH is now updating the directory of medical schools all over the world.

Notably, this new directory designed by the HRH will be a web-based database. It will provide comprehensive information on training sessions related to health. This information would cater to the need of health training institutions operating worldwide. Interestingly, this includes the schools of medicine.

Avenue Appia 20, 1211 Genève, Switzerland
Phone: (+41) 22 791 21 11
Fax: (+ 41) 22 791 3111

The Educational Commission for foreign medical graduates (ECMFG)

IMED is the acronym for International Medical Education Directory. It is a branch of the United States of America’s ECMFG. In order to ensure that their students can apply for the United States Medical License Examination, an international medical university is now needed to be recognised by the IMED.

All doctors and physicians are required to undergo medical residency training. Undergoing this training is a necessity as with the help of this training, a doctor will be able to apply for a medical license so that he or she can practice in the United States. On the other hand, an ECMFG Certification is now required for all international medical graduates to start residency training in the United States.

If you want more information on the USMLE and policies related to medical graduates, it is hereby encouraged that you visit the website of ECFMG. You can get information from the ECFMG office.

3624 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2685 USA
fax: (215) 386-9196

The USMLE examination conducted in the United States

USMLE popularly known as the United States Medical License Examination is a multi-part exam. It is accredited and sponsored by the FSMB and the National Board of Medical Examiners abbreviated as NBME. Importantly, medical doctors have to pass before being permitted to practice medicine in the United States of America.

This examination process comprises of three parts. In order for a medical graduate to practice medicine in the United States of America, a student should pass all three parts. After passing all these three parts successfully, the medical graduate can apply for a license to practice. We on our part have addressed all the needs of the ECFMG. We have obtained permission for our students to appear for the United States Medical Licensing Examination Tests.

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Philadelphia, PA 19104-3102
Telephone: (215) 590-9700
Fax: (215) 590-9460

The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB)

The FSMB is a non-profit organization that represents the 70 medical boards prominent in the United States as well as its territories. If you want to avail more information on the practice of medicine in the United States- it is encouraged that you pay a visit to the official website of FSMB. You can directly contact the office to get more information.

PO Box 619850 Dallas,
TX 75261-9850
Telephone: (817) 868-4000
Fax: (817) 868-4099

The Medical Council of India (MCI)

MCI is the acronym for the Medical Council of India and is a statutory body whose main responsibility is to maintain high standards of medical education and recognition of qualifications related to medicine in India. In simpler words, it registers doctors to practice medicine and surgery in India. It ensures that there are appropriate safety norms in place to safeguard the general public from the malpractices. It plays a crucial role in the proper maintenance of standards in the healthcare sector. We are one of those international medical universities that are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) for eligibility and certification of medical licensure.

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The Medical Council of Canada (MCC)

If you want to apply for a medical license from the Medical Council of Canada, you should pass both Medical Council of Canada qualifying examinations Part 1 and Part 2. However, note that there is a perquisite of appearing for this examination. If you want to appear for the MCCQE Part 1 exam, you as a graduate have to pass the evaluating examination conducted by the Medical Council of Canada.

This examination is also known as the MCCEE. Our students who successfully pass the graduation examination are eligible to appear for MCCQE Part 1 and Part 2. They can apply for the LMCC. If you are eager to know more about the licensure procedure in Canada, you have to contact our Academic Department. You can contact the Medical Council of Canada directly to have detailed information.

Medical Council of Canada
1021 Thomas Spratt Place
Ottawa, ON Canada, K1G 5L5
phone: 1-613-520-2240
fax: 1-613-248-5234

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