History of the School

Columbus Central University is the cynosure of academic excellence in Central America that has received immense reputation throughout the world as an International Center of Medical Education with graduates and professors from all corners of the world across different countries.

The Medical Education Institute, CCUSM, is a dedicated, reputed organization that expands itself in developing stupendous doctors and works to maintain the health standards and increases the health care delivery systems across the world. It provides a Global Medical Curriculum that incorporates the best academic features of American and Caribbean medical schools. It is a leading university that has a long-lasting bond with Indians, having Indian students, faculty, and staff.

Modern Teaching Techniques with US Curriculum Standards

The progressive way of teaching techniques implemented in academics is bringing many students from worldwide to join us. CCU Central America is looking forward to expanding its university by executing many undergraduate and research programs.

Columbus Central University has an Excellent Academic Curriculum and Highest Teaching standards with faculty from many countries worldwide who provide exceptional academic excellence through a novel approach of medical training. It continuously works towards providing the best medical education and a classic environment for the students to get well settled.

University provides an approved application process to allow the student to become a doctor. The dedication and commitment towards the students by faculty in providing the best teaching methodology and academics have brought the organization into the limelight. Many students across the world have been applying for admission to CCU as it has professional, prestigious and best professors to handle the academics of a student and guide them to become a doctor. Columbus Medical University is developing a new highly qualified class of doctors who would help in bringing up and improvising the existing health care systems by implementing new approaches to elucidate major insalubrious conditions.

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