Travel Guide to Belize

Belize (Belmopan is the capital) is a Central American nation and is bordered on the Northwest by Mexico, on the South-West by Guatemala and on the east by the Caribbean Sea with a population of 408,487 and has an area of 22,970 square kilometers.

Travel to Belize by Air

Airports: Belize has one Philip Goldson International Airport and there are a number of airstrips in all the towns and districts around the country.

International flights to Belize are via Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, or Miami, FL. 

Airlines to Belize

  • American Airlines
  • Brupo TACA
  • Continental Airlines
  • US Airways
  • Delta Airlines

Local airlines offer daily flights to different parts of Belize and to Las Flores, Guatemala, and Cancun, Mexico.

Local Airlines

  • Maya Island Air
  • Tropic Air
  • Caribbean Holidays

Travel to Belize Through Waterways

There are few main water taxi companies like Requena’s, Marisol and Pihilongo, San Pedro Belize Express and Ocean Ferry which provide water taxis to travel.

Seaports Available: Commerce Bight, Big Creek, Punta Gorda.

  • For boats, cruise ships and personal watercraft, maritime ports of entry are available in Belize City.
  • Regularly scheduled small water taxis are available to travel between Belize City and Ambergris Caye and Cate Caulker. 
  • Requena’s, Marisol and Pihilongo are the companies which provide water taxis from Punta Gorda in the southern district of Toledo to Belize and Puerto Barrious in Eastern Guatemala to Belize
  • Tropic Ferry picks you at the International airport and drops you to the Ambergris
  • Thunderbolt Water Taxi provides service between Corozal town and San Pedro

Travel to Belize by Road

We can reach Belize by hiring rental cars, traveling in private cars and by bus through Mexico or Guatemala. Traveling by road is relatively safe and inexpensive.

  • Buses operate regularly from Belize City and Belmopan to Flores in Guatemala and Chetumal in Mexico.
  • Belize City can be reached from its neighboring countries Mexico via Chetumal or from Guatemala via Melchor De Menchos. The latter route has very rough and uneven roads.

Major Highways in Belize

  • Northern Highway links Belize City with Orange Walk and Corozal Towns and to Chetumal on the Mexican Border.
  • Western Highway links Belize City with Belmopan and continuing to Santa Elena/San Ignacia and Benque Viejo del Carmen then to the border of Guatemala
  • Southern Highway links the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts.
  • Hummingbird Highway links the Cayo and Stann Creek Districts.
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